Who is

Monique Spence?

Known to many as “Sunshine,” Monique has masterfully combined her innate communication skills and approachable personality to promote authenticity, self awareness, mental well-being and financial growth through thought-provoking conversations and daily motivational messages, aptly (or appropriately (you choose)) named “Rise and Shine.” “Happiness is a choice and I love showing people how to choose it!”


“Working with Coach Mo has been one of the most amazing life-altering experiences of my life.  And yes she will alter and shake up your life in the best way ! Her guidance & advice thru her masterful coaching has shifted the way I view my personal struggles and situations in such a wonderful way!”


Washington, DC

Coaching with Monique has been one of the most POWERFUL experiences of my life!!! I began the journey on January 13, 2014 and what a wonderful change!!! I was dealing with a lot of physical and emotional pain that included hurt, disappointment and grief. The ability to navigate through all of that “stuff” at one time seemed impossible. I prayed to God and specifically asked for a “lifeline” and He answered by connecting me to Monique. I learned a valuable lesson about the power of forgiveness and how the ability to do so is a key that unlocks the door to having your best life. Unresolved hurt and disappointment have absolutely no place in your life for they will do nothing but rob you of happiness. So, I quickly started the process of “cleaning up” and “clearing out”. As I began to release past hurts and disappointments, my heart felt so much better, emotional healing began to take place and my physical health improved exponentially!! No more sleepless nights because I have a renewed inner peace that enables me to rest. I wake up each morning, excited about what the day holds for me.


Birmingham, AL

Monique brought a breath of fresh air into our offices when she came and spent time with our team. She carefully but discretely observed our team during our standard all-company meeting, which gave her insight into the tone and tempo most likely to be successful with our group. Then during her presentation she gave us some thought provoking anecdotes on how all of us can be more conscientious in finding new business opportunities. She also walked us through an exercise of identifying ways that the company could be better that was very collaborative and non-threatening to company leadership. She took the time to prepare for our team specifically, and customized her approach and messaging for our specific issues and personalities.”


Chicago, IL

Get out of your own way!

What do you need?

Individual Coaching

One on one coaching sessions are designed to create a customized journey for each client. Whether learning how to forgive & release, identifying & reprogramming negative patterns of behavior, setting & manifesting career goals, establishing healthy relationship aspirations, or providing tools for coping with fears & everyday life, each client will be on their own personal exploration to a mental, emotional, and spiritual rebirth.

Couples Coaching


Couples coaching sessions provide a safe and neutral environment for couples to openly communicate their concerns. Healthy and sustainable relationships require work and these sessions are designed to help couples understand how the practice of maintaining individual authenticity, compromise, co-parenting, financial budgeting, and a healthy sex life are crucial factors for effective coupling.

Family Coaching

Family coaching sessions also provide a safe and neutral environment for families to openly communicate all concerns. Family dynamics can be complicated and today’s modern families usually do not fit the model norms of the 1950’s. By helping family members navigate through understanding each other’s perspective, Monique can provide a clear and objective viewpoint to realize each person’s set goals, while rebuilding a cohesive family unit.

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