-Life Coach-

Monique Spence

With a professional background in management, marketing, consulting, and entrepreneurship, Media Personality/Life Coach Monique Spence is a woman on a personal mission. Monique acknowledges and accepts her life’s purpose to enlighten your mind, empower your body, and elevate your spirit.

Known to many as “Sunshine,” Monique has masterfully combined her innate communication skills and approachable personality to promote authenticity, self awareness, mental well-being and financial growth through thought-provoking conversations and daily motivational messages, aptly (or appropriately (you choose)) named “Rise and Shine.” “Happiness is a choice and I love showing people how to choose it!”

Always ready to guide others through an evolutionary process for the better, Monique regularly conducts individual, couples, and family coaching sessions. Monique’s philosophy is rooted with the belief that it is never too late to reinvent yourself to create the happiness you so greatly deserve. It is through these private sessions that clients are taught the proper tools to navigate and rebound with ease through this experience we call life.

“This isn’t work for me. This is my life! My life was created to help other people have a better quality of life for themselves.”